Conferences and Journals

  • Learning Complex Dexterous Manipulation with Deep Reinforcement
    Learning and Demonstrations

    Aravind Rajeswaran, Vikash Kumar, Abhishek Gupta, John Schulman,
    Emanuel Todorov, Sergey Levine
    Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2018; arxiv:1709.10087

  • Variance Reduction for Policy Gradient Using Action-Dependent Factorized Baselines
    Cathy Wu, Aravind Rajeswaran, Yan Duan, Vikash Kumar, Alexandre M Bayen,
    Sham Kakade, Igor Mordatch, Pieter Abbeel
    International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2018; arXiv:1803.07246

  • Divide-and-Conquer Reinforcement Learning
    Dibya Ghosh, Avi Singh, Aravind Rajeswaran, Vikash Kumar, Sergey Levine
    International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2018; arXiv:1711.09874

  • Towards Generalization and Simplicity in Continuous Control
    Aravind Rajeswaran, Kendall Lowrey, Emanuel Todorov, Sham Kakade
    Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2017; arXiv:1703.02660

  • EPOpt: Learning Robust Neural Network Policies Using Model Ensembles
    Aravind Rajeswaran, Sarvjeet Ghotra, Balaraman Ravindran, Sergey Levine
    International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2017; arXiv:1610.01283

  • Reinforcement learning for non-prehensile manipulation: Transfer
    from simulation to physical system

    Kendall Lowrey, Svetsolav Kolev, Jeremy Dao, Aravind Rajeswaran, Emanuel Todorov
    Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR) 2018; arXiv:1803.10371

  • A Novel Approach for Phase Identification in Smart Grids Using Graph Theory
    and Principal Component Analysis

    Satya Jayadev P, Aravind Rajeswaran, Nirav P Bhatt, Ramkrishna Pasumarthy
    American Control Conference (ACC) 2016; arXiv:1511.06063

  • Identifying Topology of Power Distribution Networks Based on Smart Meter Data
    Jayadev P Satya, Nirav Bhatt, Ramkrishna Pasumarthy, Aravind Rajeswaran
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2017; arXiv:1609.02678

  • A Graph Partitioning Approach for Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks
    Aravind Rajeswaran, Sridharakumar Narasimhan, Shankar Narasimhan
    Computers & Chemical Engineering (C&ChE) 2017; arXiv:1606.01754

Selected workshop papers

  • A Linear Time Algorithm to Compute the Natural Policy Gradient
    Aravind Rajeswaran, Rahul Kidambi, Sham Kakade
    DeepRL Symposium (NIPS) 2017.

  • Hand Manipulation Suite: A Benchmark for Dexterous Manipulation
    Vikash Kumar, Aravind Rajeswaran, Abhishek Gupta, Emanuel Todorov, Sergey Levine
    Learning from Demonstrations Workshop (RSS) 2017.